I had made such a better graphic than this, but I accidentally deleted it, so I had to do another one, but my photoshop was a bitch and this was the best I could make, so… errr, sorry! (my “Blogs of 2011” - that I’ll post tomorrow - is way better than this one, ok :S)

Ok, this is my first “Follow Forever”, which means I’m not original to do a quality edit for it as you can see, and I may have forgotten a lot of people… so I’m sorry if I forgot you, I truly am. If it’s your case, let me know and I’ll add your blog :) Also, there’s a surprise for some of you and I’ll post it tomorrow :3 I’d like to use this post to say that I hope you guys had a great time on Christmas and to wish you all (not only the ones I’m following, but also the ones that follow me) a brand new year and to say that I hope that 2012 happens to be way better than 2011, that every goal you have gets accomplished and that every dream you wish to reach comes true. HAPPY 2012! {For those who are listed below: thank you for making my dash so perfect.}

Basically, all these blogs are the reason that makes me quit photoshop and sob over their perfect edits.


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